Manufacturing Quality

Excellence. Superiority. Quality.

You hear these terms expressed often in the nutraceutical industry – but what exactly do they mean? As a clinician, you know that this is important information. You need to know that the products you recommend to your patients set the standard for high quality, purity, potency and clinical efficacy. Progressive Laboratories demonstrates the real-world application of excellence, superiority, and quality by:

  1. Providing nutraceutical raw material sources that are recognized around the world for setting these standards. For example, we are proud of the fact that we source the highest quality European raw materials – like Lonza’s DHAid™ for our formulations.

  2. Investing in 3rd Party UL Certified GMPs, FDA registered manufacturing, and analytical testing and evaluations.

  3. Engaging in transparent selection of our raw materials and manufacturing methodologies. In other words: we don’t just make vague claims of quality or certification in our literature and then veil the sources or actual certifications. We are proud to provide either analytical test results or Certificate of Analysis reports from our preferred suppliers for your professional review.

Progressive Labs requires all manufacturing processes to strictly follow the highest standards, quality assurance, and control procedures in the nutraceutical industry.

To meet these criteria, our manufacturing facility meets the strict standards of all current industry Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) including UL 3rd party certification, and is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This exacting process starts with carefully selected raw materials.

We are proud to source what we believe to be the very best raw materials in each category, including Lonza’s unique and natural DHAid™ from Switzerland and naturally derived Posphatidylserine from Israel. Although we source these top-quality raw materials and require all raw materials to be delivered with a detailed Certificate of Analysis from the supplier, in some cases we further insist on the identification and verification of all raw materials to ensure proper potency and purity. To meet these stringent criteria, Progressive Labs researched and interviewed quality raw material providers from around the world. This in-depth review of the highest standards, quality assurance, and control procedures in the industry led us to the selection of our preferred raw material suppliers.
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